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The youth fellowship at Holy Emmanuel Church stands as a beacon of spiritual growth and community engagement. Rooted in a commitment to fostering a deep connection with God, the fellowship offers a variety of programs and events that positively impact the lives of its members. From hosting Sunday services to organizing prayer meetings and community outreach, the fellowship is a dynamic force within the church.

Sunday Services and Annual General Meeting

One of the standout features of the youth fellowship is its active involvement in hosting the morning service every 3rd Sunday throughout the year. This regular occurrence is complemented by an annual General Meeting on the same day. During these meetings, members discuss future events, welcome new additions to the fellowship, and plan for upcoming activities, creating a sense of unity and purpose among the youth.

Monthly Prayer Meetings

A core aspect of the youth fellowship’s spiritual journey is the monthly prayer meetings held in the homes of members or parishioners. These gatherings not only serve as moments of communion with the divine but also provide an opportunity for fellowship members to celebrate birthdays through small, joyous gatherings. These intimate settings create a supportive environment for spiritual growth.

Spiritual Programs and Camps

To keep both youth and adults focused on their faith, the fellowship organizes various spiritual programs. Additionally, they embark on transformative camps, such as the CCYM camp and their own youth camps, bringing about positive changes in the lives of participants. These initiatives reinforce the fellowship’s commitment to nurturing a deep, enduring connection with God.

Independence Day Festivities

An annual responsibility taken up by the youth fellowship is the organization of Independence Day festivities. Furthermore, on the 4th of February, the fellowship brings the community together through the annual married-unmarried cricket match, fostering camaraderie and friendly competition among the members.

Christmas Celebrations and Community Outreach

During the Christmas season, the youth fellowship unites to light up the church star and construct the church crib. Simultaneously, they undertake a hampers project to provide for the needy in the community. A heartwarming touch is added to this initiative as fellowship members go carolling at the homes of those in need, spreading the love and joy of the season.

Future Endeavors

In 2023, the youth fellowship embarked on a new project – the release of a CD featuring carols performed by its talented members. The primary goal is not only to showcase the musical talents within the fellowship but also to channel the earnings towards helping those in need. Additionally, the fellowship runs a juice bar on Sundays, except the 3rd Sunday of each month, offering a refreshing space for fellowship and community.

The Holy Emmanuel Church Youth Fellowship stands as a testament to the power of faith, community, and service. Through a diverse range of activities and programs, the fellowship not only nurtures spiritual growth but also actively engages with the broader community. As they continue to plan and execute future events, the fellowship remains a vibrant force, positively impacting the lives of its members and the community at large.

Office Bearers 2023/24

Position Name
President Rev. Malinda de Mel
Vice President Theekshan de Silva (Up to 18/9/2023)
Sheruni De Mel (From 15/10/2023)
Secretary Thepuli De Silva
Asst. Secretary Randev Dharmarathne
Treasurer Nisham Peiris
Asst. Treasurer Hirushi Fernando
Spiritual Secretary Meshaak De Mel
Social Secretary Eneshi Fernando
Educational Secretary Rosheni De Mel
Sports Secretary Indrajith Kasun