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The Beginning

The Holy Emmanuel Church Junior Guild was formed in the year 1925 by a group of children for the boys of the parish to do some tangible work as a witness of our Lord and the foster among them a love for those qualities which a child should posses. Their emblem was “Child Jesus” The Junior Guild was preliminary for boys between 10 – 16 years of age.

Early Stages

During the early stages of the guild J.A Quintus Mendis was the Vise President and J. Bernard Perera was the Secretary. Since the guild was established it has proved to its expectations and did Yeoman services in the parish. Cottage meetings and Social services was conducted especially by distributing items in kind among the sick and poor, specially during Christmas.

The guild was very active till 1936, when due to various reasons the interests of its members began to wane. G.S.A Fernando too rendered great service in keeping the guild going. In 1948 the guild was revived by the Assistant Curator Rev. Edison Mendis, Mervyn de Silva was the Secretary.

25th Anniversary (Silver Jubilee)

On the 25th of April 1950 the 25th Anniversary was celebrated with an evening social with the presence of many Parishioners.

Mr. Shelton Fernando who was the Vice President during the early stages was the Chief Guest.

However, unfortunately in 1956, the guild came to an unexpected end. Yet its members had not forgotten the guild which they were proud of calling their own. Therefore, it was revived by Rev. S.H. Perera in 1958. At the first meeting of the revived guild was held in October 1958. Mr. Chrisantha de Mel B A (Oxen) delivered an interest speech on be attitudes.

In 1959 J.N. Oleap Fernando was elected the Secretary and Rev. A.R. Dias Abeysinghe to up lift the guild. The President ship was given to Rev. Lakdasa Jayawardena. Before the centenary of the church the guild had the pleasure of producing a minister to the church Rev. Neville W Fernando.

In 1971 the Incumbent Rev. Bernard Perera was instrumental in absorbing all the newly confirmed both boys and girls in to the guild. For the first time in the history of the Holy Emmanuel, girls under 16 years were also provided the opportunity of participating in a church organization. This change indeed infused new life.

The Junior Guild was always under the direct supervision of a Priest and in 1984 it was entrusted to the care of Mrs. Lankika Perera. In 1985 Mr. Dinaksha Wannakuwatte joined Mrs. Lankika as a Co-ordinator.

The programme of the guild includes:-

  • Worship
  • Social activities
  • Educational
  • Games

The constitution was amended in 1988 and the guild was opened to the children from 8 – 18 years of age.

During Rev. Devapriya de Silva’s era (1991 – 1994) as Incumbent, the guild was handed over to Mr. Jayasiri Dias from Mrs. Lankika while Mr. Dinka Peiris volunteered to assist him. Since 2002 Mr. Sudharshana de Silva lends his hand as the joint Co-ordinator.

Worship and Education

From 1990 – 1995 every 4th Sunday of the month the children were given an opportunity to conduct the first section of the service and from 1995 they were given the 2nd Sunday.

Under the guidance of Rev. Sunil Ferdinando the children were entrusted in a in a very influencing tasks in organizing a spiritual and Educational conference for the children. The conference was held in the year 2003 with a participation of 80 children from 6 Churches from the Moratuwa Deanery. This was held in our Church.

Keeping a few steps further the guild thought of lending a helping hand to the children in the remote areas to uplift their spiritual life.

The guild didn’t stop thereafter organizing conferences. They again put the stepping stone in the year 2005 to 2007 where they organized conferences in Kurunegala, Minuwangoda and Ragama respectively. When organizing such Conferences they did not forget their other members in the Moratuwa deanery. They always made it a point to invite other churches for the same. We also invited members from the respective areas where we held the conference to join us. We were able to extend our fellowship in the name of the Lord with those children as well.

During the early stages cottage meeting were held among the remote parts of the parish but this was not continued for some years. Yet the present Children have not forgotten to lend their hand to the parishioners in what ever way possible.

Since 2005 the cottage meetings were revived and this is being held regularly up to now.

The children were engaged in a very rewarding task and that was hosting extra classes for the weak students in the parish free of charge.

We have participated in many bible quiz competitions and won.

Social Activities

This is a section where the children took a keen interest in having their activities. The children have always helped to keep the church, The Sunshine home clean. We should mention something special about the present children that is they always somehow find time to spend with the enders who are left alone in the Sunshine home and the Moratuwa Elders home.

During the period of 1988 – 1992 the children took a keen interest in distributing dry rations for the needy every month and held Sunday fairs occasionally.

Moratuwa is a place where you get lot of talented children who are geared to organize various activities at any given time. They are always willing to cater anyone with the talents which they have received from the god.

In view of this they were able to organize a Talent show namely “Tharu Rashmi – I” in the year 2002 and in 2004 “Tharu Rashmi – II respectively.

Also in the year 1996 & 1997 the guild organized various shows not only to its members but to other Junior guilds as well. These events were witnessed by a large gathering.

In the year 1995 a workshop was organized at the Avaragoda estate for 3 days.

Games & Sports

The children at this age group are more likely to get involved in games. The guild has participated in many sports events and has become Champions as well.

May people think that the Sinhala – Hindu New Year is a Buddhist function but, the children were firm enough to say that we are all Sinhalese and there’s no such barrier among us and they organized a “ Bak Maha Ullela“ in the year’s 1996 , 2001 & 2006. In the year 1996 this even was organized along with the other Moratuwa deanery churches and was opened to everyone without any age limit. Each year the participation was more than 200.

In the same manner companies and Banks were highly impressed about this and were kind enough to extend their support by sponsoring the event.

Though it was not an easy task the commitment of the children and God’s guidance made everything possible.

General meetings are held every 2nd and 4th Saturday’s of the month at 10.00am. Every 1st and 3rd Saturday’s are open for everyone to involve themselves in sports.

Office Bearers 2023/24

President Rev. Malinda de Mel
Lay President Nisheli Peiris
Vice President Nimitha Senarathne
Secretary Radini Fernando
Asst. Secretary Shameen Perera
Treasurer Lewmith Bhareti
Asst. Treasurer Gaveesha Samaranayake
Spiritual Secretary Radishka Mendis
Educational Secretary Diyon Lawrence
Social Secretary Rehan Warnasuriya
Sports Secretary Mithesh Senanayake